Unrivalled global insurance market insights

At Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC) we provide the most complete and continuously updated source of data, analysis and forecasts for those working in the insurance industry worldwide.

To meet the need for comprehensive insurance sector intelligence, we complement data collected from local sources in over 170 markets with primary research conducted with thousands of carriers, brokers and other industry stakeholders.

Our research model allows us to provide our clients with accurate and in-depth analysis that assists them in gaining an improved understanding of market dynamics and opportunities.

Comprehensive coverage of market data and insights

Our global network of insurance experts supply regular updates on the world’s markets, providing our clients with the intelligence to grasp opportunities before their competitors, for instance, keeping them updated of any regulatory changes that could represent a challenge or an opportunity or helping them identify key competitors, M&A targets or potential partners.

Our coverage of regulator and association data, market analysis, in-house news & deals coverage and company information empowers underwriters, strategy teams and compliance functions to:

  • Assess the historical and forecast performance of over 170 insurance markets globally
  • Understand business and regulatory environments and manage compliance hurdles
  • Drill down on the performance of niche specialty lines – with our first-to-market class of business detailed breakdowns
  • Monitor the underlying macroeconomic drivers for over 200 countries that affect insurance markets’ behaviour
  • Leverage expert analysis and interviews to assess the drivers, opportunities and threats that affect key markets globally
  • Benefit from our thought-leadership on key industry hot-topics

Reliable analytics to support your decision-making process

Whether you are part of a strategy team, an underwriter, an intermediary or a consultant, the IIC provides you with a single-source platform that effortlessly supports you in making critical decisions that directly impact on the future success of your business.

Our suite of products and bespoke services will allow you to identify market and investment opportunities, assess competitive threats, manage and understand risk ensuring you:

  • Improve the identification and development of market opportunities, whether approaching new markets, launching new products, acquiring new clients, or entering joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions
  • Achieve a compelling business advantage by quickly and effectively screening opportunities
  • Assess competitive threats and business risks with independent, objective research and intuitive models
  • Take the total-market view or drill down on the leading players in individual lines-of-business
  • Analyse competitors with 5,000+ company profiles including detailed financials, employee lists, news, deals and SWOT analysis

For more information on our products in the insurance sector, please see the Insurance Intelligence Center and Life Insurance International.

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24 May 2017

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23 May 2017

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