Our data and analysis is delivered via intuitive, easy-to-navigate, online Intelligence Center portals that help users get the information they need in the format required, quickly and effectively.

  • Leading-edge visualization tools make data accessible at a glance, allowing you to understand information and trends faster and more easily.
  • Different tools for different users: C-level executives have access to specific high-level dashboards. For our power users we provide data manipulation tools with powerful analytical capabilities.
  • Data, charts, images and text can all be isolated, clipped and exported to a format of choice, including Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • For more in-depth analysis, our powerful data mining application lets users interrogate and aggregate complex data and construct complex pivot tables, bespoke analysis and charts.
  • Users’ data queries and tables can be saved and shared with others within your organization.
  • Saving queries, searches, and clippings ensure your interests are stored and that you are alerted to any changes in the market as well as relevant new content as it comes online.
  • Clients with an enterprise-wide licence can integrate our service with their CRM systems.

If users need more information, our ‘Ask an Analyst’ functionality enables direct collaboration with our experts. We encourage queries and discussion as a central part of our service.