WealthInsight is the leading source of high quality intelligence on global high and ultra high net worth individuals (HNWIs and UHNWIs)

Our HNW communities, built up over 30 years, provide our clients with access to, and unique insight on, over 140,000 HNWIs

WealthInsight Provides a 360 degree view of wealth with the following services:

Wealth Screening

Screening is a service offered by WealthInsight that aims to understand and reveal opportunities within your own databases, contact lists and prospects.  Using in-house software, we are able to ‘screen’ the list against our own database of 140,000+ HNWIs globally, showing:

  • HNWIs that you previously did not know about
  • How wealthy they are and their source of wealth
  • The average demographic of HNWIs in your list: their age, home, etc.

HNWI Profiling

Our HNWI profiling service allows you to request information on any HNWI, anywhere in the world at any time. Presented in templates that suit your requirements, our expertly crafted HNWI ‘Dossiers’ are:

  • Created using proprietary software and research
  • Company-wide resources leveraged on each individual
  • Unique net worth and wealth band modelling
  • ‘Wealth Events’ track an relations, investments and wealth

Due Diligence

Using expert research and our proprietary software, WealthInsight conducts a four pronged approach to HNWI diligence, focusing on source of wealth, negative publicity, litigation and press coverage of any HNWI.

Relationship Mapping

Amplify existing networks, Build on current relationships
WealthInsight uses intelligence on millions of charities, companies, societies and a host of other organisations to map HNWI connections.

Designed to facilitate referrals and introductions to HNWIs, our Relationship Groups can help leverage existing connections and relationships to deepen client relationships.

Wealth Events

WealthInsight’s ‘Wealth Events’ are occurrences that affect an HNWI’s wealth, charity, social relations and legal status. Through our unique and proprietary software, we track the following types of events:

Liquidity Events
A transaction where an HNWI significantly increases his or her liquid wealth: These typically include IPOs, M&As, share sales and private equity deals, but can also include noteworthy asset sales.

Investment Events
Financial transactions that see an HNWI make a personal investment in a corporation. These include stock transactions, financial deals as well as investments HNWIs make into real estate or sports clubs.

Personal Expenditure Events
Our main focuses of personal expenditure are philanthropic activity, litigation and luxury purchases where made public.

Relationship Events
A change in an HNWI’s religious, philanthropic, sporting or political affiliations are classed as ‘Relationship Events’ as are more personal circumstances such as divorce, marriage and birth.


With a significant suite of Wealth focused publications, research capability, market data and HNWI relationships, WealthInsight can conduct bespoke research on high net worth individuals as well as the wealth and luxury sectors.
Our expertise covers:

  • HNWI sentiment, preference or attitudes towards brands and products.
  • Creation of bespoke reports or white papers on HNWIs, the wealth, luxury or non profit sectors.
  • Macro data modelling and forecasting of HNWI segments and the wealth sector.


Evaluate Market Entry Strategies, Uncover Opportunities
WealthInsight’s Analysis provides data and scrutiny of hot topics, regions, cities and countries that allow you to benchmark your performance, assess market entry strategies and uncover emerging opportunities.
Through WealthInsight’s Intelligence Centre you will have access to:

  • 24 Country reports, updated annually
  • 35 Insight Reports, uncovering trends in HNWI attitudes and habits
  • Interactive database with forecasted data on hundreds of topics relevant to the HNWI community

For more information on our products in the wealth sector, please see Wealth Insight and Private Banker International.

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