The Cards & Payments Intelligence Center (CPIC) is a business intelligence platform offering our clients on-demand access to global payments data and support by our team of experienced analysts.

The team has strong primary research capabilities proven by a considerable number of large scale bespoke research projects on behalf of some of the biggest companies in the payments industry.

The information is used by our clients for strategic decision making, benchmarking against competitors, project feasibility studies and staying on top of the most important innovation, deals and changes in the industry.

The Cards & Payments Intelligence Center considers the market in the context of the following sub-sectors:

  • E-commerce
  • Alternative Payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • Merchant Acquiring
  • Card Issuing
  • Contactless Payments
  • Remote Card Payments
  • Payments Innovation
  • Payment Cards
  • Credit Transfers
  • Cheques
  • Direct Debits
  • Cash
  • Card Profitability Indicators

For more information on our products in the cards & payments sector, please see Cards & Payments Intelligence Center, Retail Banker International, Electronic Payments International and Cards International.

Latest Cards & Payments Opinion

How banks can compete in digital payments environment

27 Feb 2017

The past two years have seen an unprecedented rise in fintechs offering fast and cost-effective payment solutions, and the pool of players continues to grow. Senthil Kumar, group vice president of Oracle’s financial services business unit, looks at what banks can do to succeed in the new digital environment;

Top 8 takeaways from MPE Berlin

17 Feb 2017

If the learned experts in the world of payments are anything to go by at Merchant Payment Ecosystems in Berlin this year, the future of payments is all about mobile, open APIs and is pretty much in the hand of the internet giants;

Latest Cards & Payments News

PSD2 will bring the end to the four party payments model

15 Feb 2017

The European and indeed global payments market is about to become a lot more complex in the wake of incoming PSD2 regulation at the beginning of 2018. So how will all the players evolve?;

Brexit white paper: ‘Freest possible trade’ is the goal

02 Feb 2017

In a white paper released by the UK government, it claimed that its aim for the banking sector is to secure the ‘freest possible trade’ between the UK and EU Member states;