Timetric is a global information services provider for industries in the infrastructure and financial services sectors

We work with major global organizations, delivering unique data and insight to enable informed business decisions and an understanding of business risk.

We are well-established in our sector communities, working via media services and industry events to engage with thought leaders and senior executives across the industry, and drawing on our heritage of almost 150 years of insight and analysis.

Our strength is our combination of:

  • Unique, robust data
  • Trusted industry analysis and insight
  • Innovative integration and collaboration

Our expertise includes:

  • Market planning and development
  • Innovation and new product development
  • Customer acquisition
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Strategic planning

We offer clients a range of research services:

  • Intelligence Centers
  • Reports
  • Consultancy services

We gather industry expertise through

  • Industry events
  • Media services
  • Community relationships

Timetric has offices in all major markets, and uses its extensive research and analysis capabilities, with a delivery platform based on cutting-edge technologies, to provide its clients with actionable, high quality market and sector intelligence on a global scale.